Swedish-American Bar Association

SABA is a listing of Swedish speaking attorneys practicing law in the U.S. The organization was established in 1993 by attorney Mikael Koltai, a member of the California Bar, as an informal networking tool among its members. The organization has since expanded to provide Swedish-American business and others with an additional source for accessing Swedish speaking professional legal services in the U.S.

The membership consists of Swedish speaking attorneys based throughout the U.S. and covers virtually every area of the law, including international commercial transactions, real estate, estate planning and probate matters, debtor and creditor matters, patent and trademarks, copyrights, and immigration matters.

The directory of attorneys provides information regarding each individualís respective area of concentration. You are welcome to contact the appropriate attorney for further assistance.


For more information regarding SABA please contact:

Mikael Koltai, Esq.
5020 Campus Drive
Newport Beach, California 92660
Tel: 949-706-9111 · 760-436-9600
Toll Free: 888-MKOLTAI
E-mail: mikael@koltailaw.com
Skype: koltailaw